Schedule of Fees

This Schedule of Fees applies to current First State Bank Customers.


All Fees are subject to current Gross Receipts Tax.


Snapshot Statement   $5
Statement Copy   $10/Statement
Check copies   $2/Page
Balancing Assistance   $20/Hour
Research   $20/Hour
Telephone Account Inquiry   $1
Telephone Transfer   $2
Temporary Checks   $3/Sheet
Cashier Check   $5
Dormant Account Fee   $7
Account Closed within 90 days   $30
IRA Closeout Fee   $30
Incoming Collection   $10/Item
Outgoing Collection   Free
Post dated check handling   $36/Item
Foreign Currency Exchange   $10
Stop Payment   $36
Stop Payment Renewal   $36
Incoming FAX   $1/Page
Outgoing FAX    $1/Page
Photocopies   $0.15/Page
Long Distance Phone Call   $5
Night Deposit Bag   $25
Non-Real Estate Loan Documentation Fee   $150
Real Estate Loan Documentation Fee   $300
Title Change   $40
Foreign ATM Transactions   $2/Each
FSB ATM Use   Free
Replacement ATM/Debit Card   $10
Chargeback   $10/item
Non Sufficient Funds1   $36/item
Overdraft Items1   $46/Item
Daily Overdraft Fees   $3
Notary Services   Free
Medallion Guarantee   Free
Tax Levy   $150
Domestic Wire Transfer   $20
Foreign Wire Transfer   $50
Online Bill Pay   $3.75 for first ten bills
Each Additional Bill    $0.55
Fraud Monitoring Service   $10/Day


Updated July 16, 2014


1. Created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means.