Scam Alert!!

If you get a phone call about a family member being held hostage, call, text or go check on them!  Chances are you are victim of a Ransom Scam.  Be vigilant! 

Scammers are always a step ahead and know how to play on emotions to ilicit the response they desire!  DON'T BECOME A VICTIM!

ATM Locations

We have fourteen Conveniently Located ATM’s in Socorro and Catron Counties and surrounding New Mexico areas. Our ATM's are surcharge free when using your First State Bank Debit or Credit Card for cash withdrawals.

Our Locations

Since 1947

For over 70 years, First State Bank has proudly served the communities of Socorro and Catron Counties by providing professional financial services as well as contributing generously to a variety of community based nonprofit organizations. We strive to conduct business in a highly technical and professional manner. Being a local community bank allows us the opportunity to serve on a more personal level and get to know our customers as friends.
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    First State Bank wants to see you succeed with a wide range of products to fulfill your financial needs.

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    We offer personal checking accounts to meet your individual needs and business accounts you can count on.

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    Plan for your future with a variety of secure investment options. Speak with our specialists to get started.

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Our Credit Cards

Our credit cards come with personal, local help when you need it. Whether you’ve started your first job or need the convenience of a credit card for important purchases, First State Bank offers a range of credit card options for every need.

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